Being a competitive buyer in Seattle

Make no mistake about it – the Seattle area housing market is a competitive one. Inventory is low. Sellers are receiving multiple offers. And, bidding wars happen frequently.

How can you be a competitive buyer in this seller’s market? We’ve outlined four tactics that could help give you the edge over your competition:

Humanize Your Offer

Remember, a seller is a person. They’re emotionally attached to their home. Reach them on that emotional level by submitting a letter with your offer. Tell them why you love their home and why you want it to be your own.

Remove Contingencies

Removing contingencies can be risky. A home inspection protects you against unforeseen repairs. But in a seller’s market, like the one we have here in the Seattle area, you might decide it’s worth the risk. For a seller, even an offer at a lower price point might be more attractive if the contingencies have been waived.

Submit Your Offer First

Often sellers just want to sell and be done with it. Being the first to submit your offer could help you score your dream home. When a home is first listed, do a drive by. If no one is living there, peek in the windows. Determine if this is the home for you and then get your offer in ASAP.

Work with a Loan Officer who Closes Loans Quickly

Time is money. There are no two ways to put it. Sellers put their home on the market because they are ready to sell. When they accept an offer, they don’t wait around for you and your loan officer to figure out how to close. And if the seller is buying another home on contingency, then they may not be able to wait around. This is why it’s important to make sure you work with a loan officer who has a history of closing loans quickly.

Looking for a loan officer who closes loans quickly? At Fairway Kirkland we take pride in doing just that. Give one of our loan officers a call, we’re ready to help.