Committed to Serve

Some companies talk about their values. At Fairway Bellevue, we live them day in and day out. Among them is, “Committed to Serve.”

When you hear about core values at most businesses, it’s just talk. At Fairway, we live them.

Our core values are not just shiny words we use to earn Brownie points. They are our foundation. They are the guiding principles our entire staff uses to conduct business. And, they are what make this place pretty darn great to be.

In total, we have 10 core values. Each is different. Together, they create our foundation. Together they make our family strong.

Among them is, “Committed to Serve”. The statement is simple. It reads:

We’re committed to serving our customers, our employees and our communities. Every corporate department serves our branches and origination teams, allowing them to focus on originating and closing loans.

This value is a commitment from our corporate office to our Fairway Bellevue branch and a commitment from our Fairway Bellevue branch to our local community.

We are dedicated to always providing the best service possible and we believe this means ensuring we have a strong, thriving community. We’ve participated in the American Warrior Initiative and the Wounded Warrior project. Many of our employees coach youth sports teams and volunteer with local charities. It’s a fact of which we are very proud.

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