Picking a Dog Friendly Neighborhood

Do you consider your pup a member of the family? We do too! That’s why knowing how to spot a dog-friendly neighborhood is essential.

Use these tips to evaluate how well a potential home will suit the four-legged members of your family.

Walk the neighborhood. Do you see other dogs around?

There are a lot of reasons to walk around a potential neighborhood. It gives you a feel for the neighbors. It gives your some insight into the age and family demographics in the area. And, it can tell you whether or not the neighborhood is dog-friendly!

Do you see a lot of other people walking their dogs? This is a great indicator. When there are a lot of other pet owners in the area who also care about their furry friends, your dog will often be safer.

Are There Good Walking Trails in the Area?

Walking past your fellow neighbor’s homes can get a little old. But, that doesn’t mean you want to drive half an hour to get to a good trail. Consider the neighborhood’s proximity to good walking trails. While you’re at it, consider how close it is to dog parks. This can be another great way to help your pup expend some energy.

How Close is a Vet With Whom You’re Comfortable?

You’re dog is most likely going to need to go to the vet, even if it’s just for their yearly checkup. How far away is the closest vet with whom you’re comfortable? Make sure this is a distance you’re willing to travel.

Are There Pet-Friendly Places in the Area?

Beyond walks and trips to the dog park, do you like to take your dog with you? If so, make sure there are places you can. Are there pet friendly restaurants or bars in the area? What stores nearby allow dogs?

Last but not least, when you come to Fairway Kirkland to get started on your home loan, make sure to bring a picture of your pup!