Recently, we explored how to weigh the pros and cons of a remodel verses a move. One of the questions we suggested you ask yourself was about location.

Do you want to stay in your current neighborhood or are you interested in finding a new neighborhood that will better suit your needs?

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or considering a move, this is a huge issue to consider. Your neighborhood has a big impact on your lifestyle. It dictates a variety of things, such as:

School Districts – While the open enroll policy is an option in some districts, it’s not a guarantee that your kids will end up receiving the best education. The only way to guarantee your kids attend the public school of your choice is to live in that district.

Safety – No matter how you slice it, safety matters. Is the neighborhood you’re considering a place you feel comfortable walking down the street alone?

Extra Curricular – Are you a restaurant buff? Do you love trying new places and exploring new cuisines? If so, easy access to a wide variety of restaurants is probably important to you. Do you have small kids and love to take them to the park? Then proximity to playgrounds is something to consider. Look at your interests and then look at the neighborhood to see how it embraces what you want to do.

For additional help evaluating neighborhoods throughout King County, the Seattle Times has a fantastic interactive map that features tons of neighborhood profiles. You can find it here.