It is challenging to figure out how exactly to say to a hurting city, “we just had a record-breaking month” – so we’ve mostly been staying quiet. But here is what we’re finding at Fairway Sound: this has been the most challenging season for us all.

Within our team, within our homes, we are distancing from loved ones to protect them and keep them safe, which is hard on us and them and our children. We are teaching and watching and caring for our children inside our walls and we are being called on to work more than we have before – which is saying a lot. We are helping clients lower monthly fees, we are researching and listening and sharing information to keep our circles informed on what all these big changes and choices really mean to them and how it will impact them long-term. We are sending letters to our local representatives. There is so much opportunity for us to serve right now and so much need for people to be cared for by a real, kind, local group that is deeply interested in their community and their neighbor’s well-being – physically, financially, socially and mentally.

At Fairway Sound we are aware we have much to be grateful for – we have much we are called to give right now – and we will continue to walk through this season as a calm and caring resource to our family, clients and business partners. Today, we’re going to take a second to take a deep breath and congratulate ourselves a tiny bit that there is good, that there are glimpses of things to celebrate – we’ve welcomed two new babies into our group this past month, we brought on some really talented new team members, and we managed to set some new records as a company and as a local group, all while working from home and navigating a very unusual mortgage climate and time in our world. We still have room to grow, we still have room for new clients, new business partners, new teammates. If you, like us are looking to work with people you trust, more than ever – give any one of us a call. We are busy, but we have time for you, and we will care.

From our Branch Manager to all our offices yesterday:

"What we all just accomplished in April, is truly incredible. Our amazing ops staff worked long hours to close 361 units for $185MM! Those numbers are so amazing and so cool…for everyone involved. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to the team and what you have accomplished." He then went on to list the impressive record-breaking numbers of 24 teams and to call out 6 PRs, topped by,

  • Rob, Sarah and Danielle- 41 units for $22.4MM
  • Rob, Cari and team- 32 units for $18.3MM
  • Pierce and Sassy- 27 units for $12.7MM
  • Peter and Sara- 21 units for $10.8MM…a new personal best for Peter!

And he closed, "May is going to continue the trend of being busy. Let’s continue to extend grace and be kind to each other…and keep grinding!

Thank you all for everything that you do,

Bob Rankin, SVP & Area Manager

We share this because we are grateful for the hard work each of our teams put in to make this happen for their clients and realtor partners. We share because we are grateful to be working. We share because right now is not business as normal, but there are bright spots - babies, family time, shared dinners around our tables, way too much sourdough baking in ovens, and we are grateful and proud that we helped 361 different families lock in incredible rates on their homes, new or old, treasured more than ever.

Looks like in Washington, we'll be home through the end of May - we can do this, let's keep making things better, together. Let's continue to extend grace and be kind. Let's continue to look out for one another here in the Greater Puget Sound.