What You Can Control

At the onset of a new year with plenty of speculation, prediction and borderline prophecy about the housing market, here are five things to set your mind on.

Five things you can control in a market you can’t:

1. Your Perspective

Call it outlook or perspective, but what you see and how you see it is up to you! Scientists have been finding just how powerful this fact is – our minds have the power to reorganize our brains. It’s called Neuroplasticity: The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. By changing your perceptions and perspective you can change your brain. How amazing is that?

2. Your Goals

A new year brings energy and renewed commitment. Use this time to set out not only your vision, but your goals for 2019 and beyond. Want to buy a house? What can you do this year to move one step closer?

3. Your Choices

There will always be experiences outside of your control, but your choices in how to respond to them is within your power. Spend or save? Replace or reuse? Stay or go? In 2019, make choices that move you toward your goals.

4. Your Time

Focus on the resources you have instead of dwelling on the ones you don’t. We all want more money, and our hope for you is that 2019 brings that too, but regardless it offers you 52 new weeks, filled with so many days, evenings, weekends. You have more control over your time than perhaps any other resource you have – spend it well this year. You can lose a dollar in the market and have it back the next day. It’s not so with time. Plot out where you want to spend your time in 2019 – with who? on what? where?

5. Your Learning

Hearing the word education, your mind probably leaps to a degree or certification. Separate from formal education, there is a lifetime of potential learning through new experiences, relationships and observed conversations, through books, through YouTube and countless other opportunities. In 2019, you can learn something new, no matter what.

We see a good year ahead. No matter what happens to housing prices or mortgage rates, if owning a home is one of your goals, you can move toward it this year. And when the right time comes, you will be ready. Maybe you’ll even have learned a thing or two off YouTube about how to build the new fence you’ll need or tile that kitchen backsplash. If you have questions and want to talk with an expert about what it will really take for you to buy a house this year, give one of our loan officers a call.