Finding a new school when you move

It is no secret education is the ticket to your children’s long-term success. But when you move, how do you make sure their school is going to give them the best footing possible?

Use these tips to find the right school for your children.

Consider What’s Important

The majority of your children’s time will be spent at school. This means many of the lessons and values they learn will come directly from their teachers and administrators. Consider what’s important to you. Do you want your children to have a religious or secular education? In what environments have they thrived in the past? Do you prefer traditional or alternative education styles? How much is your family prepared and/or willing to commit financially?

Get Referrals

Even if you’re moving to an entirely new part of the country, there’s a good chance you know someone in the area or know someone who knows someone. Use those relationships to your advantage. Social media platforms like Facebook are a great medium for referrals. Ask around. Find out the pros and cons of schools in your new neck of the woods.

Use the Web

Now days nearly every school has a website. Use that to your advantage. Take a look at any awards and/or certifications the schools have recently received. Peruse their curriculum. Read through their mission statement. Do they have an active Parent’s Association? Are there events and activities that look interesting? Do they offer extracurricular activities in which your children are interested?


If possible, go visit the schools you’re considering. Ideally, you’d want to make this visit during school hours. This will allow you to view class sizes, watch teachers interact with students, and get an accurate idea of how the school functions.

Read Reviews

Sites like SchoolDigger’s and GreatSchools’ allow parents to review their children’s experiences. This is a great opportunity for you to get the inside scoop.

But before you get started with schools, make sure you’re prepared to move. Get preapproved today.