by Denise Long


Well, here it is, the debut of my blogging journey. Talk about making a dream come true.

From the day I left school I went to work for Rainier Bank….and need I say more. Mortgage became my life. I entered my actual “career” of mortgages in 1982 which was two years after I joined the bank. Little did I know real estate wealth would become a passion for life.

There comes a time, for me that time is now, to share this accumulated knowledge in hopes of enlightening others very simply to the ins and outs. To share what I’ve learned and help others make the choices based on their desires.   Not the needs of others who may think they know everything because they put their toe in the water, but someone who knows what may be best for someone and why. All it takes is a willing ear, the curious mind, and more than anything else, TRUST in the advisor.

When considering if this is the time for you always just ask, go ahead and ask the questions. Do not hesitate or think your question is a dumb question or insignificant, because it simply is not.  That is how we learn and that is how some of us will separate to the front. Ask the question, read the book, and integrate yourself in learning what might be the best for you.  What do you want? Go get it.

I am here daily to learn what you all want so please use this blog to ask questions.  I need you as much as you need me. What topics should I touch on? What is important to the very first-time homebuyer or the real estate investor. Ask me the questions and I will address it for us all to learn.

What do you want to know today?  What topic would you like addressed in the world of mortgage finance? YOU MATTER!  Let us do this community!

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