3 House Hunting Tips for Pet Owners



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3 House Hunting Tips for Pet Owners

House Hunting With Dogs

Finding the perfect home can be difficult. You probably want a certain number of bathrooms and bedrooms. You’re most likely looking for a specific style kitchen and common areas. As a pet owner, you have an additional set of wants and needs to consider. Not only will you want to find a home that’s pet friendly, but a neighborhood that’s also pet friendly. These tips can help:

Let Your Realtor Know

From day one, you’ll want to tell your realtor about your pet (or pets). They can help you look at homes with a close proximity to dog parks or access to good walking trails. A good realtor will also help you take a close look at homeowners or condo association regulations. You definitely don’t want to buy a home and discover your four-legged family member isn’t even allowed.

Beyond just working with a realtor, you’ll want to visit the neighborhood on your own. Ask yourself, “Will my pet be happy living here?”

Consider Your Future Too

How do you see your family growing? If you plan to introduce more pets to your household, it’s important to think about that now. This is especially true if you plan to expand the kind of pets you have. For example, if you want a horse, you’ll need to find a home with a barn and pasture.

Additionally, it’s important to consider if your pet can age in your home. For example, elderly dogs might find climbing the stairs to be a bit too much. Or, you might decide three doors and an elevator ride are too long for your dog to wait to go outside and do its business.

See a Home’s Full Potential

If you love the neighborhood and the bones of the house are good, make sure you see the home’s full potential. Flooring your pet won’t like can always be replaced. Backyards can be fenced. Mudrooms can be rearranged to accommodate a litter box or dog crate.


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