Questions to Ask a Seller Before Moving In



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Questions to Ask a Seller Before Moving In

Questions to ask a seller

You’re getting ready to move into your new home!!! While you’re probably doing double fist pumps and dreaming about the first cocktail party you’ll host, chances are you’re also feeling a bit stressed. Because, though you most likely love your new place, you probably don’t know how everything works.

You will. Soon. But if you take a moment prior to moving in to ask the seller a few questions, you could save yourself from several headaches. Because there’s no better resource for the nuances of your home than the previous owners.

When is Trash Day?

You could watch your neighbors driveway like a hawk to figure out when to take out the trash, recycling, and yard waste. Or you could simply ask the previous owners.

Does the house have any special quirks?

Though your inspector will most likely point out anything that could be unsafe or devalue the house, they won’t come close to learning everything in just a few hours. It may be that you can’t run two hair dryers at the same time. Perhaps there’s one window that swings open quickly or one door that has a tendency to not close all the way. These are quirks only the previous owner will know. Just ask.

Do you have the paint colors codes or leftover paint cans?

If you want to touchup a wall or repaint a room the exact same color, it can be pretty difficult without the codes or a paint sample. Ask the sellers if they have either on hand.

What kind of water softener do you use and how often do you add it?

In the Pacific Northwest this isn’t nearly as big of an issue. However, if you’re buying a house with a well, it certainly will be.

Where are key items located?

Depending on the home, these items could include, but are not limited to, the water shut-off valve, circuit box, and septic tank access point.

Are there any items you’d like to leave behind?

Moving items is just extra work if the seller doesn’t want them. And, if it’s something you want, then leaving them a win-win. The seller may want to leave their extra freezer or a generator they no longer need. The may want to leave a set of tools or kitchen appliances. While the only things you can expect them to leave are those you’ve included in your purchase agreement, asking never hurts.

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