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Find Me Where the Food’s At

Find Me Where the Food's At

15 Spots You Won’t Find Crowded From Seattle Restaurant Week

With Seattle Restaurant week starting in a few days, food has been on my mind. Frankly, food is almost always on my mind. Usually, I’m thinking of how and where I can find my new favorite spot with different types that I couldn’t make myself. Sometimes it can actually drive how I organize my day, and it made me realize for some (and granted probably a very small some) it may even affect where they choose to live. But the problem with so many good food options is finding the best spots in your area. In honor of Seattle Restaurant week, if you find yourself searching for a different place to live in the Greater Seattle area, here are 5 spots that have amazing, underrated food and dining options. These may not be the most popular or highest rated restaurants in their respective areas, they are however, places I really love to eat at or I have been recommended by a trusted friend. And chances are, these spots will be a little less busy next week with everyone else rushing to the places on the Restaurant week list. You probably have heard of many of these places, but here’s to hoping there’s a few you haven’t heard of yet.

Ballard/Phinney Ridge

Breakfast – The Fat Hen

What this places lacks in terms of physical size, it makes up in flavor. This tiny café packs a punch with unique dishes like a baked mozzarella, basil, egg bake skillets and rotating charcuterie boards. It truly is a different kind of breakfast than you’re used to, but it’s also probably one of the best Seattle has to offer. Imagine breakfast in a chic farm kitchen. My choice: Carrozza

Lunch – Un Bien

With Caribbean sandwiches as their specialty, you may have heard Un Bien compared to the likes of Paseo. Well that’s because the sons of the former Paseo owner in Fremont now run and operate Un Bien in Ballard, continuing to make delicious and killer sandwiches for a really good price. My choice: Caribbean Roast

Dinner – Windy City Pie

New to Phinney Ridge, but not Seattle, Windy City Pie brings all the aspects and flavors of the Midwest to the PNW thanks to their delicious and massive Chicago-style deep dish pizza. As of right now, they only take to-go orders because their new location is still under construction, but don’t let that dissuade you – their pizza is the real deal. My choice: Omnivore

Capitol Hill

Breakfast – The Wandering Goose

Known for its legendary breakfast biscuit sandwich, the “Goose” is aptly named for its country farmhouse style. It has become one of Cap Hill’s staple breakfast/brunch stops on the weekend with its wide variety of fried chicken options. My choice: The Sawmill

Lunch – Volunteer Park Café

Whether you’re wanting something lite and easy like a scone or muffin or something to fill you up like grilled sandwiches or rich brioche French toast, this spacious café in northern Cap Hill has a variety of options for anyone wanting to explore a less busy part of the city. My choice: Herb roasted chicken sandwich

Dinner – Stateside

This snazzy Vietnamese restaurant with palm tree wallpaper and elegant hanging lights surrounding the space has been praised in years past for its diverse combination of many Asian cuisines. Those looking for authentic Southeast Asian food have come to the right place. My choice: Bun Cha Hanoi


Breakfast – HB Beverage Company

HB does acai bowls their true justice. Their combination of healthy gluten-free, dairy free, and no sugar added fruits and granola make for a great way to start off your morning. And they aren’t afraid to give you massive quantities either. My choice: Banana Bliss

Lunch – Isarn

This Thai soul kitchen located on the main street of downtown Kirkland is the perfect lunch or happy hour destination for those craving Thai food during or after a long day of work. The taste and quality of the food speaks for itself. My choice: Pad See Eiw

Dinner – Papi’s Cantina

Located next door to Isarn, this new comer to Kirkland brings with it a lively atmosphere for the spring/summer time and delicious Mexican food. It will be hard to find a better new happy hour in downtown Kirkland than Papi’s so don’t miss out. My choice: Papi’s fajitas

Columbia City

Breakfast – Geraldine’s

This family-oriented all day breakfast stop in the heart of Columbia City is too good to pass up. Whether you like rich and fluffy French toast or delicately crafted bacon, egg, and arugula biscuit sandwiches, or anything else you could want from a breakfast restaurant, Geraldine’s is the spot for you. My choice: French toast

Lunch – Emma’s BBQ

If you’re in the mood for some good ole fashion Southern BBQ in Seattle, look no further than Emma’s in Columbia City. Get ready for the classic red and white gingham napkin inside a Styrofoam container with corn bread and baked beans. My choice: Sliced beef/brisket

Dinner – Super Six

Inspired by its location in a former auto body shop, Super Six combines Asian and American comfort food with PNW staples to deliver both amazing food and a fun atmosphere. Their menu is as diverse as you’ll see in Seattle, ranging from poke, beef bowls, and fried rice to ribs, burgers, and quesadillas. My choice: Loco Moco


Breakfast – Burgundian

Cocktail bar at night turned brunch stop on the weekends, this unique 21 and over “restaurant” in Tangletown is known for having some delicious chicken and waffles. Those living or wanting to live near the Wallingford/Greenlake area have to check out this bustling brunch shop on the weekends. My choice: Chicken and Waffles

Lunch – Pablo y Pablo

This is the only place on here that is also on the Restaurant Week list because it’s really good… and I started writing about it before I knew it was on the list. If you want to dress up and go out to a nice Mexican dinner (or lunch in this case) Pablo y Pablo is the destination for you. Though a little bit on the pricier side, their appetizing and authentic Mexican dishes are well worth the cost. My fave: Pork Belly Tacos

Dinner – Joule

This Korean steakhouse on Stone Way in Wallingford/Fremont continues to receive high praise from food enthusiasts and critics all across town. Joule’s fun and lively atmosphere serves more than just tasty steak too, featuring unique dishes like oxtail and octopus. My fave: Wagyu Tri Tip

Of course, there are plenty more amazing places to eat in these 5 areas, but these are a few of the highlights that are hard to pass up. And weirdly enough, I know if I were to leave Seattle I would miss eating at these spots. That’s the beautiful thing about food I think: we all need food, but some food is so good that we want to go out of our way to spend a little bit more time and money to enjoy it. If you’re in the camp where food influences more areas of your life than you’d like to admit (me, for example) and want to find a place to live where the food choices are premium, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our Loan Officers here at Fairway. We’d love to help you find the perfect spot.


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