Here’s How The #KonMari Method Is Helping Millennials Buy a House



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Here’s How The #KonMari Method Is Helping Millennials Buy a House

KonMari Method

Netflix has given millennials yet another grand gift of binging with their original shows, the newest of which has left recycling bins around the country a little heavier. The trending show might also be responsible for helping countless young Americans move closer to buying a home.

Parents of millennials raised their children on Tony the Tiger and promises that they could do anything they set their mind to – they could have it all. And here at the onset of 2019, at least in the Pacific North West we find that doing anything and having everything is a heavy dream for these 20 and 30-somethings to drag along. The homes their parents purchased for less than $200,000 are reaching near the million dollar mark. Turns out most first time homebuyers can’t have it all. They can’t get the wall of steel framed windows with the garden-like acreage outside that’s also a short commute to their South Lake Union office.

You can have it all is an exhausting track. And the question most millennials are asking now is, “Do we even want it all?” Many have already said no, quit their jobs and moved to passion plays or world wanderings. To those still sitting on their comfy couches in their tiny apartments, Marie Kondo is asking them sweetly, “Does it spark joy for you?”

And so a short lifetime of belongings is piled into a heap on the floor and box after box donated. Because we don’t want it all – we all want something. Something in particular. We each have a unique goal, a vision when we take the time to really think and make the room to dream, live, feel joy.

So here is three ways Marie Kondo just might be helping millennials prepare for a home better than anyone else right now:

1. Get rid of stuff.

Living with less means you can buy a smaller place. Like a goldfish, most grow to fit their pond. Subsequently, looking for larger and larger apartments to fit all the STUFF. Living with less also means your three friends who show up to help you move in on the big day will stay your friends.

2. Figure out what brings you joy.

What do you really wear, read, cook with, THINK? What makes you feel like yourself, and helps you grow into the person you are aiming to be? It won’t be every Pinterest picture. Homes aren’t one size fits all. Well, they can be. But they don’t have to be. Who are you? What do you really need to be happy?

3. Buy less.

When you realize you don’t need as much as you thought, and you go through the pain and work of saying goodbye and finding a new home for all of those old belongings, you start to look at all belongings differently. You shop less. Which also means you spend less.

In short – thank you Marie for helping Americans let go of stuff, think about who they really are and what they really need to be happy, and break the spending cycles so they can save more toward their goals. Like buying their first home.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward owning a home that brings you real joy, reach out to one of our loan officers. They’ll be happy to hear what your specific and unique goals are for your home and answer any questions you have as you prepare. They can also help you get prequalified before you start looking at houses to ensure you are competitive when the right one catches your eye. Once they’ve heard your story they can also help connect you to a great agent – they work with dozens and dozens (maybe hundreds?) and know who the best are in each neighborhood.


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