Kirkland Events

Kirkland Events

Kirkland, Washington, is buzzing with excitement as we approach a season filled with diverse local events that promise to bring our community together.

10 Mortgage Terms You Should Know

Mortgage Terms You Should Know

Learn 10 mortgage terms to make home buying easier. Understand interest rates, appraisals, equity, and more. Consult a loan officer for more help.

The Best Time to Buy a Home is When You’re Ready

Are You Ready To Buy

Real estate agents will likely tell you ‘now’ is the best time to buy. Their logic is simple – real estate prices are going up. The truth is, real estate prices are always going up. Even if the market sees a dip here or there, or seems to stall as it may be right now, […]

7 Questions to Ask a Condo Board Before You Purchase

Condo Board Questions

As you look for your new home, condos can be a great option. Not only are they often more affordable than single-family residences, they typically require less maintenance; have a smaller footprint, meaning you have less house to clean; and little to no yard to care for. But, it’s important to remember condos also come […]

3 House Hunting Tips for Pet Owners

Home Hunting With Dogs

Finding the perfect home can be difficult. You probably want a certain number of bathrooms and bedrooms. You’re most likely looking for a specific style kitchen and common areas. As a pet owner, you have an additional set of wants and needs to consider. Not only will you want to find a home that’s pet […]

Questions to Ask a Seller Before Moving In

Questions to ask a seller

You’re getting ready to move into your new home!!! While you’re probably doing double fist pumps and dreaming about the first cocktail party you’ll host, chances are you’re also feeling a bit stressed. Because, though you most likely love your new place, you probably don’t know how everything works. You will. Soon. But if you […]

What is Escrow? How Does it Protect You?

Escrow And How Does It Protect You!

It is no secret buying a home is a big purchase. In a transaction so significant, how are you supposed to trust the other person – especially when you’re not likely to meet them? The short answer is: escrow. What is Escrow? Escrow is a risk minimizer. It is an arrangement in which a third […]

4 Things to Know Before a Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Perhaps you are saving, repairing your credit, or simply forging through the grueling offer battles the greater Seattle market can put you through as a homebuyer. You might be eager to find ways to get all your ducks in a row while you hurry up and wait for your new home. One thing you can […]

Hey, Home Renovator

Renovation Blog Post

The free tool I wish we used while renovating our house. In the early spring of 2017, my husband and I moved into our neighbors’ house, which we had just purchased through a private sale. It had the unfinished basement my husband had been searching for and the second bedroom we were going to need […]

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